Friday, March 22, 2013


today marks the first day on the march hols..
and it also marks to me the resting period for me before heading back to another bz life..
and guess waht,
i cancelled my plan to go home..
one part coz  wanna finish my work here before practicum starts..
and another one, im still holding on miracles..

sometimes, i feel like i still care too much..
and bcoz of that, i feel sad..
ppl tell me to take it slowly and soon, i'll be ok..
but for me, the process of being fully and completely ok seems so far..
when im in my friends' company, i dont think bout it and felt good..
but when im all alone like now, all the memories juz came to me and yeah, break my heart again..

so what should i do?
let time heal me?
i dont know.



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