Friday, March 8, 2013


~Did you ever feel that what you think is right might be wrong?~

Got this from one of the blog that i have been following..
and somehow it reflects me...
i mean i was thinking of doing something which i myself dont know whether it is right or wrong..
after stumbling to his blog and got this statement, somehow it makes think back..
is it right to do it?
even if it feels like it is the right thing to do now, but will i regret of doing it later on?
will it make me feel awkward again when i meet him back?
so, somehow this guy lighten me up..
and there are several nice quotes (i think) that somehow makes me think a lot..
somehow u can say it inspires me in writing a post... haha...

one of it is this:
do you prefer to be happy all the time or is being sad a good experience?
so what do you think?
which do you prefer?
if its me, being happy all the time is my wish..
but without feeling sad and cry, i wouldnt know how life is truly is..
without the heartaches and scars, i wouldnt know how love is truly is..
so i guess being happy is important but maybe we should learn something from the sadness that we might feel at times..
maybe there is something good in it if we look at it in another perspectives, right?

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