Monday, July 1, 2013


today is the first day of July..
which signifies only a few things:
2 weeks before practicum (o.m.g)
1 month before Raya holidays which equally means going home (o.y.e.a.h)
and also a few days before allowance enters (o.s.u.p.e.r. y.e.a.h!)
and yeah, i am extremely excited on the allowance part since i have already planned on my checklist aka my list to buy..
but due to practicum, somehow i have to put everything on hold..
and this is sad...
seriously sad..

and why do i feel sad again?
bcoz of practicum..
practicum has never been easy these days and with strict supervisors,
life is never easy..
but these are what i call challenges so yeah, am gonna face it well, i think?
so much to buy and yet so little money to use..
but anyhow, i am looking forward to practicum and pray that i am able to do better this time for my results..
and i am really looking forward to home.. =)



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