Wednesday, July 3, 2013

my fav artist..

these dew days, i have been crazy about this Korean artist, Roy Kim..
see, i'm mentioning him again in this post..
but i love his songs and i managed to download his whole album..
all his songs are so nice and it just made me smile...
even though i dont know what they mean, but the feelings and vibes that he gives in all his songs just touches me and made me smile..
for those who wanna try out listening his songs, u can find his album in this link: ...

i guess why i love this artist so much is not really on his looks,
instead on how his songs make me feel the feeling that i haven't felt for some time,
the feeling that i felt once but lost in some point of my life,
the feeling that once made me so happy but somehow lost in the whole journey of life,
the feeling that i want to feel again but somehow afraid,
the feeling that just makes me feel undecided,
the feeling,
to fall in love.



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