Tuesday, January 8, 2013


this week was a starting week where we have formal classes and lectures..
and during this week, i have been having awkward moments with him..
everytime i see him, i feel like running away..
i felt like avoiding him and yet i wanna talk to him like how we used to...
i wanna talk about his life and how he has been without my presence..
i wanna know if he's doing well in his studies and whether he has found the right one or not..

but i dont have da courage to do so,
particularly in such situation where everything might still be not clear for him..
somehow i thought i wouldnt mention about him again,
but the fact is i really wished we have been friends till now..
situation would be different by then..
sometimes, i feel like going right upon him and ask,
why did you stopped talking to me?
and why do both of us felt so awkward when there wasnt any special attachment?

friends told me to forget about it and move on,
but whenever i wanted to do so, i wished i have done that..
because whenever i sit in my room and staring at my phone,
i would thought of what we used to talk about and everything...
if and only if i knew why we were so awkward..

life is already difficult to understand..
and when life meets a person like me, no wonder it becomes even more complicated..



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